Role Playing Cards


Looking for a fun and sexy date night without leaving your house?
Then these role-playing cards are just what you need.
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What’s Included:

You will receive a DIGITAL download with 15 role-playing scenarios.

Each scenario contains a HIS and HERS section and a how-to-play instructions card.

  • A Who Section
  • A Where Section
  • A What Section

This will give you some background to the scene you will be acting out. What’s left from there is choosing your costume, props, and a little imagination to get the passion set.


Remember this is a digital product and you will NOT be receiving a physical copy. If you would like a physical copy of this product send us a message or give us a call and we will accommodate you.


Printing Tip: Print these cards two-sided on the short side of the page. To save ink you can just print the role pages without the design.


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